How a Post and Core can Save a Tooth?

Post and CoreA severe fracture or severe tooth decay may cause a tooth break. If this happens many times, too much of tooth mass will be lost and the teeth will not be able to support a dental crown. In early periods, dentists would extract such teeth. But, now this is not the only option. Today, dentists resort to the post and core method to save the tooth and also allow it to support a cosmetic dental crown

What is post and core?

A post and core, a thin metal rod, is a component of an extensive tooth repair. It is cemented into the root of a tooth. A post and core consists of a post to fit into the root canal and a core portion which projects above the gum. A new crown can be cemented into the position over the core portion.

What is the need for a post and core?

Teeth, which are treated for root canal problems, may often be badly broken down. They should be built up before a replacement crown has been fitted over them. Post and core fabrication is a method of teeth repair that is chosen for the build-up process.

How to place post and core?

The process of placing post and core for teeth repair include several steps.

Root canal: The first step to place a post and core is performing a root canal on your tooth. It helps to remove all infection below the gum line as well as extracts the dead teeth.

Place the post: The dentist shapes the tooth interior using a special hand tool called a dental file. Then, he fits the custom-made dental post at the center of this hollowed-out space, positions and cements it in place.

Apply the core: After placing the dental post, the core material that is made from cosmetic dental bonding material is applied. This material is semi-liquid in nature and can quickly adapt to the contours of your tooth interior while applying.

Shape the core: After the core hardens, the dentist shapes it so that it can be fitted with a dental crown and can support it.

Take impression: The dentist takes impressions of all of your teeth and send it to a lab. These impressions are used to custom-fit a crown to that particular tooth.

Place a temporary crown: A temporary crown is placed on your tooth to protect your dental post and care until the permanent crown is ready.  You should visit your dental office after some days to remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one.

The main benefit with a post and core procedure is that it allows you to protect a tooth that otherwise would be damaged or lost. Other advantages of this teeth repair options include providing a much better anchor for supporting a dental crown, added support to overall tooth structure and better retention of the dental crown itself after it has been fitted.